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Bo Bartlett on John Dalton's "gently does it..." podcast

I had a great conversation with American figurative artist Bo Bartlett. Bo’s paintings have a deep emotional and spiritual impact. He’s been painting for the last 40 years and it shows. Bo is highly revered and his work is collected around the world in private collections and museums.  This is a long conversation and as we got deeper into it Bo talked about his experience of life and death and the underlying philosophy of his work and life.

Here are the main points of what we talk about:

Sky paintings, Norman Rockwell, Learning to paint in Florence, Painting large, Brushwork as a byproduct of being, Anticipating interpretations, Andrew Wyeth, Color, Filmmaking, The Bo Bartlett Centre, Art in schools, Art with the homeless, Spiral dynamics theory, Going blind, Visions, Life and death, Intention, Current artistic challenges, Legacy.

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