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Brian Alfred | Galerie Magazine

Rodeo, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 60 inches

"Focusing a lens on the best exhibitions in art galleries across America each month, Galerie now pinpoints a selection of stellar solo shows in New York this April. From Genesis Tramaine’s painterly portrayals of religious saints and Marina Abramović’s video portraits of her MoMA sitters to Walton Ford’s giant watercolors of mythical creatures and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s energetic artworks on street finds, New York is bursting with great shows to see this spring.

'Brian Alfred: Escape Plan' at Miles McEnery Gallery

Through April 23

Presenting what could be called 'pandemic pictures,' in that they were painted over the course of 2021 and capture the zeitgeist of the time, the canvases in Brian Alfred’s “Escape Plan” exhibition combine pastoral scenes from country living—like Coastal Escape and Fire Sky—with such referential images as Pfizer, Amazon, Empty Airport and Rodeo, which depicts a vacant Saint Laurent store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Made from the artist’s photographs that have been sketched, redesigned in the computer and turned into composites with mostly solid shapes and flattened colors, his formal paintings portray idyllic realms, which become as inviting as the peaceful places once captured on classic travel posters and pamphlets."


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