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Brian Alfred's Polished Paintings Serenely Capture the Sense of a World Spinning Out of Control | Artnet News

By Brian Boucher

What the Gallery Says: “Taking its title from Alvin Toffler’s 1970 novel and Herbie Hancock’s 1983 album, Brian Alfred’s Future Shock embraces both of their messages and expands upon them. Toffler warns of an impending information overload as well as humanity’s inability to adapt to the ever-increasing speed of industry and consumerism. Alternatively, Hancock’s album welcomes the so-called information overload, praising the expansion of musical possibilities brought on by technology.”

Why It’s Worth a Look: Delivering a dark message in a seductive package is nothing new, but Brian Alfred’s sleek images stand out. The depopulation of all his paintings, showing scenes like a flooded suburb and a riot at a soccer field, show a world running out of control faster than humankind can comprehend.