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Danny Ferrell | Out Traveler

The Night Shift, 2022, Oil on canvas stretched over panel, 24 x 20 inches, 61 x 50.8 cm

By Donald Padgett

"Miles McEnery Gallery announced it will host its first exhibition of the works of artist Danny Ferrell this month. Castle in the Sky opens at the NYC gallery Thursday, March 17, and runs through April 23.

Castle in the Sky features the gay men and queer-identifying individuals who populate the artist’s life. Paying homage to Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Thomas Cole, Ed Paschke, René Magritte, and the camp photographs of Pierre et Gilles, Ferrell uses color to communicate the individuality and vitality of his sitters. The physicality and emotions of his friends and peers are captured in the vibrant and lush shades of red, purple, and orange.

'These are my friends and people that I have an emotional resonance with. I want to put positive images of gay men and queer-identifying individuals into the world, so we can diversify the often tragic canon of LGBTQ film and art,' Farrell said of his work.

Castle in the Sky from Danny Ferrell opens at Miles McEnery Gallery in NYC on Thursday, March 17, and runs through April 23. The gallery is located at 520 West 21st Street."

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