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Franklin Evans at Mykonos Biennale

Work by Franklin Evans is being presented at Mykonos Biennale.

Biennale Statement:

This is not a biennale, it is a symposium where Art and Philosophy meet with the extraordinary energy of Mykonos.

Our ambition is to create a unique event where personalities are invited to communicate the spirit of humanity.

Today’s economic disaster presses the populations into depression, a dead-end of confusion darkness and anonymity.

Before finding any solutions we must find ourselves.

Living poetically, celebrating human existence, communicating with art and philosophy, walking in this territory of culture, history, and genuine vitality we will manifest ideas, strength, enthusiasm and optimism to look together for the DESTINATION.

Like Baudelaire’s Kythera and Cavafy’s Ithaca, Mykonos is a symbolic island: the transcendental land of the alternative thought.

With the Mykonos Biennale we will create a historical event with momentum where the universal spirit of art, liberated, will regenerate in the eternal spring of life.

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