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Franklin Evans

Timepaths, a process-based multi-media installation by Reno-born artist Franklin Evans, served as the inspiration and the backdrop for RENO Magazine’s spring fashion spread. The installation, housed at the Nevada Museum of Art through April 20, investigates the complex paths Evans has taken as a contemporary artist.

RM: What is it like to have an exhibition in your hometown?

FE: Timepaths is unlike any of my prior exhibitions because of an engagement with the idea of return to one’s birthplace as additional content to my process-driven installation practice. This specific exploration started in summer of 2011 as curator Ann Wolfe and I dialogued about my possible installation. I returned to Nevada for one week and documented the land and the urbanscape of Reno. I also began amassing images from my mother’s family photo album. The installation in a sense is a contemporary autobiography. I present it in the way that the individual today has a larger platform via social media to present oneself (whether it be a literal selfie or an image of something that is of relation to the self). The greatest surprise is that from my current home in New York, my mother has experienced Timepaths more than I have. As Pedro Almodovar may say, “It is all about my mother.”

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