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Franklin Evans

It has been a year of variety and surprises as to the range of shows we’ve covered. Any singular thing does not quantify the degree of how a show leaves a deep impression as it can be one tiny detail or a grand statement. Such trivial thoughts are best left to the wind as we have pinned down the Best of 2014 for all of our loyal and still growing readers. We raise a glass to 2014 for the year that was and here’s looking forward as AF keeps an eye always to the future.

June – paintingassupermodel: Franklin Evans

You better work it good in the art world and Franklin Evans for this show at Ameringer McEnery Yohe put the studio and his entire world into broad strokes of powerful multimedia installation and magnified superlative statements. Finally, it’s a big bold impression of a show that doesn’t shy away from attention. It was quite fierce!

Oscar Laluyan

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