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Guy Yanai, Artnet: The 50 Most Exciting Artists in Europe Today: Part Two

It has been an exciting year for contemporary art, with a young generation of artists pushing the boundaries both in terms of materials and subject matters. But with so much going on it's easy to miss out. In an effort to capture the moment, we at artnet News have put together a directory of the most exciting artists showing, living, and working in Europe at the moment. Here's Part Two of our list, continuing yesterday's Part One.

50. Guy Yanai

Guy Yanai has a Hockney-esque style and color palette. His clean, simple, bright paintings often contain reduced angular shapes and lines and blocks of color, reminiscent of simple digital renderings.

Yanai has had an eventful year, which included a successful solo exhibition in New York's Ameringer McEnery Yohe gallery, a show he curated at Alon Segev Gallery in Israel, and another one at TORRI, Paris. His work was included in  the inaugural group show at  Rod Barton in Brussels, and is now on view in at the gallery's London location, alongside furniture by Rafe Mullarkey.