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Guy Yanai in YUMMY YUMMY

Plant in Salina, 2018, Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm.

FLATLAND is thrilled to announce its new group exhibition: YUMMY YUMMY. It deals with various forms of the appeal of art in its contemporary context, taking the deliciousness of its term as a starting point for an examination of current ideas of seduction and gluttony. Curator Josephine van Schendel, recently graduated cum laude from KABK, has selected works by 8 international artists, comprised of Flatland Gallery’s represented artists and guest artists.

YUMMY YUMMY evokes instant temptation that pushes afar the reasoning mind. It employs different thematic complexes: slick and glabrous surfaces and its tactile and textural qualities, consumption in/of contemporary art and the manufacturability of new universes and skins. YUMMY YUMMY questions the captivating moment a work of art becomes too flawless. When the beauty of a good artwork becomes disturbing. Various forms of fleshy surfaces can be discovered, that seem so smooth a feeling of awkward allure arises. 

YUMMY YUMMY is a show that gives you the munchies, with the bittersweet aftertaste included. Working with the notion that authenticity and inadequacies are the brilliance of failure, the different works in the exhibition are orientated towards blowing up and externalizing the mundanities of daily life. The works seemingly create an omnipresent magnetization towards a bubbly outside, whilst challenging the earnest notions of commodification. Through this visceral exploration of works, the question arises: how art can be perceived as instrumentalized desire?

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