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Jim Isermann, Untitled (1388), 1988, Enamel paint on panel and Orlon acrylic yarn, 96 × 96 inches, Collection Palm Springs Art Museum, Museum purchase with funds provided by Herman & Faye Sarkowsky Charitable Foundation, Marilyn P. Loesberg, Donna J. MacMillan, Harold Matzner, Tom Minder, The Sam & Diane Stewart Family Foundation, Helene V. Galen, Diane Rubin & Lenny Eber, and Roswitha Kima Smale, 2020.18a-b

Drawing from the museum’s photography, painting, and design collections, To Move Toward the Limits of Living examines how LGBTQ+ artists have used diverse strategies to respond to experiences of exclusion and discover new possibility, casting light on subjects including the LGBTQ+ self, domestic space, and the broader social world.

While grappling with shared concerns like identity, marginality, and the AIDS epidemic, the works on view underscore the diversity of approaches to art and living within LGBTQ+ community, adopting visual strategies from documentary photography to hard-edge abstraction.

The exhibition takes its title from the novelist Larry Mitchell who wrote about LGBTQ+ communities living “between revolutions” in the 1970s, depicting both the constraints of existence in a hostile society and the possibility of finding abundance beyond a world of threats.

Artists included in the exhibition include Peter Berlin, Ruth Bernhard, Jim Isermann, Bob Mizer, Catherine Opie, John Sonsini, and Andy Warhol.

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