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Markus Linnenbrink | Fundación DIDAC

Courtesy of the artist and Fundación DIDAC.

FLAMINGLOVEANDDESTINIY is a site-specific pictorial installation in which the German artist Markus Linnenbrink occupies the entire space of the DIDAC Foundation to turn it into a habitable painting of enormous dimensions.

The painting of Markus Linnenbrink (Dortmund, Germany, 1961) generates a complex atmosphere in which the architectural space is associated with the pictorial and chromatic process, forming an expanded sensory experience. In many of his installations, the lines warn subtle geometries that provide precision and depth, confronting meditated drips in an interesting balance between the spontaneous and the rational.

On this occasion, Markus Linnenbrink makes a site-specific installation playing with the physical conditions of the space to occupy its entirety, turning it into a habitable painting that encourages the viewer to look in various directions and immerse himself in plastic emotion.

The fixation on color, in a range that favors complementary ones, provokes a powerful physicality that leaves the white cube out of the game to multiply its edges, giving it brightness and light. Without breaking the formal pattern, the artist immerses us in a sort of game of mirrors where the spatial notion is disrupted, now questioned by his multiple lines in flight.

In this installation, the painting goes beyond the vertical plane to slide between the ceiling and the floor, imposing a dynamic and almost frenetic rhythm, close to psychedelia. If the grid configured by the lines gives order to the whole, the spilling of the paint indicates its fluid character, it brings us closer to the gesture and the process. It suggests, in a certain way, the action of painting as an exercise in layers, revisions and rhythmic cadences between the daily rhythms themselves.

[translated from Spanish]

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