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Monique van Genderen at SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen

In a unique survey exhibition that SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen shows exclusively works by artists from the collection Schaufler. More than 30 well-known women of contemporary art, including Sylvie Fleury, Isa Genzken, Katharina Grosse, Roni Horn, Barbara Kruger, Sherrie Levine, Jessica Stockholder and Rosemarie Trockel, are entitled LADIES FIRST! united. The approximately 100 works presented include photography, video, painting and installation. At the same time illustrate the different approaches, such as taking artists who sometimes still male-dominated art scene for themselves.

Some works will be shown for the first time in SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen.

In the collection of Peter and Christiane Schaufler works of artists have always been a high priority. The first time the SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen now present selected works by artists. The works on display span a period from the 1970s up to recent post ions, about Veronika Kellndorfer or Kowanz, and thus enable a comprehensive overview. Many different fields, the exhibition of painting, sculpture, video works, photography and installations. The variety of the work makes it clear how rigorously the boundaries of a "feminine" feminist or decorative art were blown up in the past decades.

Much of the work is in the exhibition LADIES FIRST! first presented, as well as the meter-high rocket by Sylvie Fleury, entitled "First Spaceship on Venus" (1996). The symbol of the rocket, first occupied male is, painted by the artist in colors typical of female cosmetics. The color scheme alienates the object that no longer represents a threat or conquest, but questions about male or female patterns provides.

Along with works by Rosemarie Trockel and Isa Genzken form Fleury's works a focus of the exhibition.

Image: Monique van Genderen, "Untitled (five of six)," 2014, Oil on linen, 50 x 46 3/4 inches, 127 x 118.7 cm, A/Y#21980