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The Wolf Kahn Foundation Exclusively Represented by Miles McEnery Gallery

The artist in his studio, 2019.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MILES McENERY GALLERY is pleased to announce worldwide exclusive representation of the Wolf Kahn Foundation.

Wolf Kahn (1927 - 2020) was a celebrated colorist who uniquely blended representational painting with abstract methods and principles. Over the course of his seven decade career as an artist, he painted landscapes illuminated with sweeping bands of color that possess a captivating rhythm and vibrancy. Kahn embodied a synthesis of artistic traits—the modern abstract training of Hans Hofmann, the palette of Matisse and Bonnard, Rothko’s variegated color, and the atmospheric qualities of American Impressionism. The fusion of color, spontaneity, and representation has produced a rich and expressive body of work. 

The newly launched Wolf Kahn Foundation will work closely with Miles McEnery Gallery to fulfill its mission to preserve and promote the artistic achievements and legacy of Wolf Kahn. Central to that mission is presenting his paintings and pastels through exhibitions and publications to a broader public and contextualizing the artist’s work through the development of new scholarship. The Foundation will continue Wolf Kahn’s legacy of generosity through philanthropy to support education in the arts and artists’ careers through grants to nonprofit organizations.

“The Gallery is equal parts delighted, honored, and proud to partner with the Wolf Kahn Foundation,” stated Miles McEnery, “Wolf was one of the most spirited and devoted artists of our time, whose work brought him and everyone around him incredible joy. We were beyond close, and it is a great privilege to have been Wolf’s friend and gallerist for over two decades. I am grateful to have an opportunity to play a small role in the stewardship of his rich legacy.”

Mara Williams, Chair of the Wolf Kahn Foundation, said, “Miles McEnery’s fundamental understanding of, and commitment to, Modern and Contemporary American art is impressive. He was Wolf’s dealer and friend for the last twenty-five years of his life. His understanding of the scope of Wolf’s artistic achievement combined with his long, fruitful relationship with the Hans Hofmann Trust and other artist estates make him the clear choice to be the Wolf Kahn Foundation’s exclusive representative.”

Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, President of the Wolf Kahn Foundation, added, “Wolf Kahn’s contributions to painting are being discovered by a new generation of artists, scholars, and audiences. Miles McEnery Gallery is the perfect partner for the Foundation to expand that audience and bring recognition to Wolf Kahn’s contributions to American art."

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